Roman Wedding Guests

Roman Wedding Guests

Roman Wedding Guests
Venus Garden Wedding Chapel, Caesar
s Palace, Las Vegas, USA

Two thousand years ago in Ancient Rome, wedding guests would have enjoyed quite a different experience from the experience enjoyed by wedding guests today. The bride would not have worn white, but a veil of vivid red. The groom would have thrown nuts and sesame cakes at the wedding guests. And in turn, the wedding guests would have shown their enthusiasm by singing at the newlyweds the rudest, most obscene things they could think of. There are no red veils, no nuts or sesame cakes, and no obscene songs at weddings two thousand years later. But one thing remains the same. A wedding is still a huge amount of fun. Especially one in Las Vegas.

Read about Ancient Rome’s shining example of family values here. And see here for the women forced into marriage by Rome’s founder, Romulus.

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