Robin Redbreast


Robin Redbreast
Blue Planet Aquarium, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, United Kingdom

A little tawny-coloured bird sat on a roof high above the crowds of people jostling in the narrow Jerusalem street below. Moving slowly through the crowds as they jeered and mocked was a man. He carried a large cross on his back. His face was contorted with pain. And into his forehead bored the sharp curves of a crown made of thorns. The little tawny-coloured bird’s heart was breaking. He wanted to help this man. So he flew from his perch and plucked the thorns out of Jesus’ barbed crown. As he did so, the little tawny-coloured bird managed to pierce his own heart with one of the thorns. The blood-red stain on his breast has never washed away. And that is how the little tawny-coloured bird became Robin Redbreast.

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There are stories all around us.

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