Marco Polo


Marco Polo
Long Garden, Cliveden House, Taplow, Berkshire, United Kingdom

It took him three years to get there, but sailing to China in 1271 worked out well for Marco Polo. He became pals with Kublai Kahn. He got to visit Xanadu (and probably saw the million dancing lights Olivia Newton-John sang about 709 years later). He might have been the first European to see an Asian rhino. And Christopher Columbus had a copy of his book with him when he landed in the New World. Now, he’s been commemorated on stamps, had an airport named after him, a bridge, a series of travel guides…and he’s even been remembered in the Long Garden at Cliveden. A man among men.

Standing next to Marco Polo in the Long Garden is this woman. She represents Navigation. So you might want to ask her where you’re going.




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