Orangery, Cliveden House, Taplow, Berkshire, United Kingdom

The young hunter Actaeon had trained his dogs to savage deer on sight. Which with hindsight probably wasn’t the best idea. One day he was out with them in the forest when he stumbled across a clearing. And in that clearing was a stream. And bathing in that stream was Artemis, Greek goddess of the moon. With hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best idea for Actaeon to stand and gawp at her. But stand and gawp at her he did. Artemis didn’t care much for Actaeon’s blatant ogling. So she splashed him with water. Whereupon, he turned into a deer. And whereupon he was savaged by his own dogs. Artemis got out of the stream, dried herself off and probably didn’t give Actaeon a second thought. But she was rather fond of his dogs and kept them for herself.

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